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Aria Beauty - Hair Straightener Holder

$13.00 USD


Protects Your Countertops & Prevents Accidental Dropping

Heat Resistant - Easily Holds Hair Straighteners Up To 1.5"

Our Hair Styling Accessories are designed to make your job as a stylist not only professional but more convenient too. Whether for salon, home, or retail use, these items are essential to your craft.

Affix Aria Beauty's heat resistant hair straightener holder to any surface to protect your countertops and create a convenient salon hair styling station wherever you are

Features & Benefits

  • Ultra smooth heat resistant coating
  • Protects your countertops and prevents accidental dropping
  • Easily holds hair straighteners up to 1.5" wide
  • Sleek compact design
  • Optional screw mount for secure permanent placement
  • Durable super adhesive suction cups stick to any surface